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Manchester United vs. Manchester City

Manchester United vs. Manchester City full match

Premier League 2019-2020

By Footballia13 Comments7732 ViewsEnglish
This match is divided in 2 files. Let the first video play till the end without stopping it and the following video will begin automatically.
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Premier League 2019-2020
Week 29
Old Trafford (Manchester)
March 08, 2020
Home formation
Away formation
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  1. barboss June 25, 2020 09:30

    how can i download a game from this site?

  2. Footballia
    Footballia June 25, 2020 10:30

    Downloading content from this platform is not allowed.

  3. Ant00n
    Ant00n March 02, 2021 20:44

    lmao hacker lamo

  4. al7nd June 22, 2020 12:49

    How to switch quality to HD??

  5. pirooz June 18, 2020 02:42

    hi .. why is the quality low?

  6. Footballia
    Footballia June 18, 2020 20:23

    We're sorry you feel that way, but this is not low quality.

  7. ManUcr@zy June 13, 2020 19:20


  8. JoaoPicaGrossade98 May 29, 2020 02:21

    Thanks for your nice job.

  9. JoaoPicaGrossade98 May 29, 2020 02:20

    And where are the second half? please

  10. Footballia
    Footballia May 29, 2020 10:47

    It begins automatically right after the first half.

  11. FeintMUFC May 28, 2020 23:40

    The game keeps going out of fullscreen mode?

  12. Footballia
    Footballia May 29, 2020 10:47

    There's probably an ad interfering with the full-screen mode. You need to wait a few seconds until the ad is gone.

  13. Thanh Liem May 27, 2020 03:42

    Why is this website missing some EPL matches? I think if this site is full of EPL matches, it will attract more audiences. If you fix this error, I promise I will call my friends to support this site.

  14. Footballia
    Footballia May 27, 2020 10:34

    This platform is a historic archive of football matches. It's not intended to have all the matches of one competition.

  15. göztepebalıkesir May 18, 2020 05:25

    Well I have been looking for a website like that over 5 years. I have found it today. Really good work. But I have a question. Are you planning to upload League One and League Two matches. Because there is only one match in league one section and its from 1999.

  16. Footballia
    Footballia May 18, 2020 14:12

    We cover only the top 2 tiers of leagues in every country. The 1999 League One match is an exception because it's unusual to see Manchester City in that category.

  17. Dim May 12, 2020 01:09

    Is there a way we can choose the quality of the videos.

  18. Footballia
    Footballia May 12, 2020 12:32

    Afraid not.

  19. Armando May 01, 2020 13:50

    Is there any chance that an app will be created for users to use on their mobile devices?

  20. Footballia
    Footballia May 02, 2020 09:09

    As soon as we have the resources. Unfortunately, we need many more subscribers before that can happen. Please consider subscribing to help that along.

  21. MDG April 08, 2020 20:54

    This match is divided into 2 files. You can navigate through them using the arrows on the player., what does this even mean? Please elaborate

  22. Footballia
    Footballia April 09, 2020 11:17

    It means that this match is comprised of two files, in this case, one for each half of the match. And, although the second file will play automatically after the first one, you can skip back and forth between the files with the little arrows that appear on the player bar (except for the newest versions of Safari).

  23. AB Dee March 21, 2020 10:46

    Why you guys haven't uploaded Manchester United vs chelsea 2-0 full match

  24. Footballia
    Footballia March 22, 2020 09:40

    We don't know what year you mean, but it's probably because we don't have it and no one has decided to publish it either.