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Brazil vs. China

Brazil vs. China full match

World Cup 2002

By Ghabryell Nathann6 Comments8680 ViewsPortuguese
Full tournament
World Cup 2002
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Group Stage, matchday 2
Jeju Stadium (Seogwipo)
June 08, 2002
4Roque Júnior25
6Roberto Carlos29
8Gilberto Silva25
14Â. Polga23

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  1. GustavoHull December 30, 2020 01:15

    There is a problem. When the first file - with the whole match - is over, the second half (in Brazilian) starts.

  2. Footballia
    Footballia December 30, 2020 12:40

    This match was lost when our server shut us down, and it's pending re-upload. In the meantime, we've posted the previous copy we used to have.

  3. danielson8 June 10, 2020 04:05

    i feel very sorry for china because they versed the best international team in the world and they played pretty well.

  4. Estevem March 21, 2020 21:56

    O video so trava é so comigo isso ?

  5. Footballia
    Footballia March 22, 2020 09:35

    Não, não é só com você. Estos días, tem muita gente em casa ao mesmo tempo conectados a internet. Por isso internet está sobrecarregado e va lento.

  6. Ronaldinio March 21, 2020 01:27

    The quality of the video is awful. If you could change it to a better version was good. But anyway I love your site and introduced it to my friends

  7. Footballia
    Footballia March 22, 2020 09:37

    We'd love to have a better copy. We'd love to have perfect copies of all the matches. But when you are collecting old videos, sometimes you find copies that aren't in the best condition. And sometimes, those are the only copies that have been preserved. We hope it's not the case with this match. Fingers crossed! ;-)

  8. global champion March 17, 2020 19:33

    where is the english commentry please add it as soon as possible also why is there only one video player avaible not multiple ones please fix this problem quickly.

  9. Footballia
    Footballia March 17, 2020 20:26

    We can't produce matches out of thin air. We need to find someone who recorded it at the time and then decides to share it. This is the only copy we have, so it was either this or nothing at all. And we consider it's better to post matches in whatever language than not post them at all. After all, no one needs to understand the commentary to follow the game, like when we go to the stadium, where there's no commentary.

  10. Jupamome January 23, 2020 22:17

    Un partido que de entrada se notaba que iba a ser un entrenamiento con público y así fue. Sin embargo, me gustó China en algunos conceptos. Me gustó las transiciones de defensa a ataque, los conceptos de escalonamiento a los jugadores habilidosos, los cambios de frente o jugar sin el balón para arrastrar marcas y que el compañero llegue con espacios. Son conceptos entendidos por ellos, pero que la inmadurez no los llevaba a buenos términos al final. Tuvieron un tiro al palo por parte de Zhao y un tiro libre que puso a volar al guardameta Marcos por parte de Shao. Brasil por su parte fue haciendo lo suyo, pero sin sobrarles absolutamente nada. Desearía creer que jugaron a media máquina, pero fuera de los tantos no tuvieron mayores jugadas de peligro y atrás los laterales dejaron grandes espacios que permitieron las pocas aproximaciones del equipo chino. Contra Turquía se notó las mismas ventajas del cuadro verde-amarelo en su retaguardia. Un adiós a los chinos, que junto a Arabia, Eslovenia y Nigeria ya se han despedido de la copa del mundo faltando una jornada.