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São Paulo FC vs. River Plate

São Paulo FC vs. River Plate cijela utakmica

Florida Cup 2017


Both teams had faced each other in the group stage of the 2016 Copa Libertadores with a draw in Argentina and a SPFC win in Brazil and both advanced to the round of 16. Both had had an overall bad year, and especially a bad second half with bad results in their national leagues, but River Plate had managed to win the Argentinian Cup and qualified to the 2017 Copa Libertadores. They played the Florida Cup's tournament playoff as part of their pre-season, having had many changes in their squads, especially SPFC, where Rogério Ceni (one of the most prominent athletes in the history of SPFC) was starting his managerial career.

Al Lang Stadium (St. Petersburg)
19. Siječanj 2017.

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