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Matchday 3
Hampden Park (Glasgow)
26 mai 1987

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  1. Nialarfatem samedi 13 juin 2020 17h10

    Hello. Why is Rous Cup under Europe, i.e. regarded as an official tournament? According to Wikipedia (Spanish language), it was a friendly tournament: shouldn't it be under Others section? Kind Regards!

  2. Footballia
    Footballia dimanche 14 juin 2020 10h38

    Hello. We've checked Wikipedia in several languages, and only the Spanish version says it was friendly. The others say it rose from the ashes of the British Home Championship, which was an official competition. Therefore we decided to file it as an official competition.

  3. Nialarfatem
    Nialarfatem dimanche 14 juin 2020 12h53

    I see why now. Thank you, I didn't know.

  4. Footballia
    Footballia lundi 15 juin 2020 09h50

    Sure, no problem! A pleasure! :-)